Tuesday, April 20, 2010

POP TARTS beat tape

<a href="http://ranmecca.bandcamp.com/album/pop-tarts">1-4 beats a day by Ranmecca</a>

First of all thank you for listening, This Project was alot of work and so much
fun! when i started this, Originally I started this, I wanted to make this lp with
Only the MPC, in the end, it was about %80 MP and the rest editing. I've
Had my MPC 2000 about a year (year and a half if you count the pawn shop).
its an outdated process, very enjoyable, i now can fully appreciate PC beatmaking.

I want this to sound like a late 90's beat tape, tape hiss and all Raw, u know?
i missed out on that period so i thought I'd relive it briefly. I knew cats that worked
like this but i was only Djing back then.

Why Pop Tarts? cus i looove them! Following the themes of Donuts(Dilla),
Fresh Brownies( Kev Brown)Nowalatas(14KT),etc.

I hope you enjoy it.

There will be more from this project(remixes,B-Sides,and vocal versions)
so stay tuned


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  1. Ran to the K,
    Dope beats bro. Hope everything has been going good for ya.. I'm still steady making beats these days too. Been using Cubase and Reason with M-audio midi controller and Trigger Finger. My ghetto studio finally got a small upgrade. LOL. Mitch has been writing a lot, so I try to make shit he can spit to. I made some tracks lately that were inspired by you. I remember when you first got me into making beats all those years ago. Thank you so much man. I'll be making beats till the day I die. Keep up the good work. Word, Rob One !)