Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nottz - Shine So Bright

Nottz "Shine So Brite" from Raw Koncept on Vimeo.

Nottz with a vid for "Shine so Bright" a JDilla tribute,his first dolo release "you need this music"on Raw Koncept rawkoncept records

big shout
illusivemedia.com on the motion design

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Burntprogress CDR Knowledge

CDR Knowledge - Beat Innervisions 0809 - 5min Version from burntprogress on Vimeo.

burntprogress CDR Knowledge - Beat Innervisions Held at Rivington Place London. Featuring Production presentations from Bullion, Floating Points and Simbad. The event also included Work In Progress from Morgan Zarate, Aaron Jerome and Guynamite.

Big shout to Bullion(one of my Fav producers right now)

Dexter "Hi-Hat Club Vol.3 - The Jazz Files"

Dexter - The Jazz Files (Teaser) from MPMTV on Vimeo.

this caught my ear because i don't hear many Jazz-inspired beats anymore,enter Dexter's Hi hat club.I'd let you know more about Dexter, but everything i can find is in German...

Friday, February 12, 2010

88 Keys in the studio

KPLtv CHOP SUEY the beat conductor series featuring 88-keys from KPLtv on Vimeo.

This is the 88 keys sound i know,bigup chop suey.

Dilla Toronto interview 2002

Rare footage of Dilla Djing in toronto and a great interview about the love he recieves
abroad and the theory behind F*** the Police.

"It’s weird cuz like in Detroit, ya know I’m just a regular Joe. Ya know what I’m sayin’. but you go to New York, or you go to Cali, or go to London. Even coming to Toronto now, you know what I’m saying now, it’s a whole different thing. I get the love for what I do in that basement, it’s like appreciated. So I go back and do more sh**."

Stones Throw

FOCUS-Beat making session

Untitled from west coast theory on Vimeo.

The makers of West Coast Theory went in-studio with Aftermath producer Focus. The producer offers a peek into his recording environment and explains his approach to creating music, thoughts on software, and experience working with Dr. Dre.

Throughout the interview Focus illustrates his process of crafting a beat from working with the original sample to layering drums, recording, and playing live bass.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Exile X Teeko Jam session

Exile x Teeko Impromptu Jam Session - Elbo Room (SF) from Dirty Science on Vimeo.

Jonathan Kim shot this video while he was at sound check for his gig at the Elbo Room in San Francisco with funky worm Exile this past week. As they came into the venue, he saw Exile and Teeko jamming out on their respective equipment, and he was impressed to say the least. Teeko has been making some noise with his group F.A.M.E. as well as recently working with Mark Ronson in NY for his upcoming album. Exile is coming with his “Radio Remix” album so keep an eye out for that. Great to see two artists come together, and create some amazing music together.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Team Capcom Quickmix

a promo mix i did of classic records for our night @ the orpheum back in 07-08(big shout DJ DanOnly)

<a href="http://ranmecca.bandcamp.com/track/team-capcom-quickmix-2">Team Capcom Quickmix by Ranmecca</a>

Vlive Beats

V - Live Beats Edit from Glenn (avene.org) on Vimeo.

nice lil studio vid from Vlive Beats, i dig it.cheers.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


This is Bangin forrreal. My favorite thing about this is that its rich with samples, its not just a mashup lp, its well produced, melodically and topically, good loops and chops, i can't speak for beatles fans, but from the producer angle, this lp is crazy!! it almost feels like RZA did the beats after listening to Dilla Donuts.British producer Tom Caruana Knocked it outta the park on this one. Download it now.

Download:Wu Tang Clan vs The Beatles