Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blackbery Berry Jones X YU | The LifeLine- (Installment 1)

The lifeline was a show we used to do on black broadway (9th & U streets) in DC.

It was a live production session where my brothers and myself, would collect samples every week and throw them all together in a mixing pot. We would chop the samples live and make beats on the fly.

Artists and instrumental collaborators alike, would be open to join in with words,concepts and sounds. It was magic at every event.

This is my attempt to bring that energy to the online/interactive realm. This first demonstration should give you a hint, seeing as though each installment should differ greatly from the next.-BBJ

big shout to FMWJ RIK! for this one

want more? heres an older video i found called King of chop

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