Tuesday, March 9, 2010

DOOM: The Good, The Bad And The Doom pt2 [AUDIO]

DOOM: The Good, The Bad And The Doom pt2 [AUDIO]

i usually post production stuff here, but this ones a dooooosey! so in a nutshell
MF DOOM is doing a 3 city tour with MOS DEF where Mos wears a mask solo for the first part of the show and then DOOM comes out and they kill it together,playing off the whole DOOMPOSTER thing(sounds dope right?) 1st show, halfway thru, DOOM goes backstage and out the back door, leaves MOS DEF on stage hangin... so after that MOS is off the tour. the next 2 shows is DOOM solo, but he's been sending imposter DOOMS
on the road for so long, that his live show sucks(see below) heres the audio from an interview with the Toronto promoter RSM productions(sorry didn't get his name sorry)
thx 92BPM
the best it got,MOS DEF covering "accordion" in chicago

The Good, The Bad and The Doom pt2.

the worst it got:

DOOM - Live in Toronto - Feb 25th 2010 from mymanhenri on Vimeo.

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