Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dimlite remixes

Dimlite is the main alias of musician/producer Dimitri Grimm, originally from a tiny village somewhere in Switzerland. On his productions he fuses real instruments, voice, samples from any thinkable source, field recordings and boundless electronic trickery into a genre-mashing array of styles, that have also placed him on the map as one of the many pioneers of that certain electronic, dirty, sloppy and mostly instrumental hiphop-sound sweeping the planet since a couple of years.

From his 2009 LP "A Pipe Dream And A Promise"-Finale"Issues"

After releasing a first EP («A/DD», 2003) and two albums («Runbox Weathers», 2005 & «This Is Embracing», 2006) on the Berlin-based label Sonar Kollektiv and additional records under other outlets The Slapped Eyeballers (a pop-rock-ish duo w/ Balt Mirczok) or Misel Quitno (a more tripped out lo-fi moniker, dedicated to 1/4-inch tape and an imaginary 60’s-sound), Dimlite is currently playing shows throughout Europe and simultaniously working on his forthcoming records on Egon’s recordlabel Now Again.
-Last fm

here's remix project on Now and Again

<a href="">Hot Heavy Heat (Dimlite's Hot Air And Thick Plastic Remix) by DIMLITE</a>

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