Saturday, August 22, 2009

MPC 2000 autochopping

yes its true! Dante Lewis found a way to autochop with an mpc2000.
thank you!!!!

1.make sure you have your sample selected

2. shift + 6 to open the program menu. programs hit f2 for parameters.

4.highlight decay and hit open window.

5.change the level to 0 and the start to 100 then close.

6.while in programs change your overlap to "mono" or "note


7.go to main screen and hit the sample u want to chop on

"velocity" in the 16 levels mode. it's the button right

under "full level" to the left of pad 1 then turn on. u got chops.

9. you can also tweak the chop start time by adjusting the

start values.

YALL WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!

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